Bringing out the BEST in YOU 

We always love to upgrade our tech gadgets to enjoy the best version available, but what about ourselves? Do we always continuously upgrade ourselves to be the best version we possibly can be?

All of us were born with the ability to learn things and potential to succeed in life but not all of us are making full use of it.

Many of us are better at being a critic of things around us. We seem to have a lot of ideas on how our colleagues or supervisors at work should treat the team members better for a more collaborative teamwork and how service crews at a restaurant should have more of service mindset for our better service experience as a customer.

Do we think about the ideas on how to improve ourselves often enough as we do towards others?

In any organisation, people admire, respect and value team members who can make a difference with their innovative ideas, contribution, performance and even just their positive presence. While some people with self-limiting belief are not ambitious nor motivated enough to think they can be one of these “star performers” too.

In fact, being a high performer has nothing to do with competing with others and you do not need to have years of experience or know everything before attempting to be one, instead, it is all about continuously challenging yourself to become the best version of yourself. When you can truly believe in “your product”, the world will believe in it too.

Here are some self-development tips and quotes to bring out the best in YOU;

# Aim high and get there!
Set high-expectation for yourself and work your way toward it.
Don’t settle for being a mediocre. You have a lot more potential than that.

Make the best out of any given situation and create the opportunities that lead you to your ultimate goals in life.

The quality of your goals determine how well you deliver the results.

# Take everything as a learning opportunity.

Learn everything that comes in your way. You can be a little more selective later on when you have tried enough to know where your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you believe everything has something to learn from, you will be more willing to learn new things and step up to face new challenges in life.

# Do your best in everything you do

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Do your best until you know a better way to do it, then do it better.

Think of “improvement” in everything you do.

To improve is too change, to be perfect is to change often.

Practice makes perfect.

# Step out of your comfort zone.

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are now.

“I can’t do that because… “, “I am not good at this” and ” It has always been done this way.” should be rare phrases in your dictionary.

Your desire for success must be greater than fear of failure.

# Take initiative.
Ask yourself, would you rather work with an automatic machine or a manual machine? The same idea goes to people. We all do enjoy working with people who are “automatic”. If you always need to be told what to do, you are a “manual machine” and it is time for your product revolution.

# Be resourceful
Find out things you do not know or unsure of. Never say “I don’t know how to…”, instead say, “I don’t know yet but I will find out.” My simplest advice is Google.

When you ask the right questions, you will get more of the right answers.

Expand your network and tab on other people’s expertise and knowledge in the area you are not yet familiar with.

Be an attentive listener, observant and learn from other people’s experience. You don’t need to experience everything yourself, other people’s success and failure stories both have something to learn from.

# Help others to succeed

As one teaches, two learn.

Author: Natalie Guo
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Creating your own destiny 

Young couple in love walking in the autumn park holding hands lo

Do you believe in Destiny?

Did you ever hear/say things like this?
“I am just not so lucky in love.”

“I want to have somebody but no one comes into my life.”

“I don’t like my job but I stick to it because it pays the bills.”

“I have been looking for my dream job, but luck is not on my side.”

Many people who believe in destiny may end up leaving their lives to destiny, fate or luck without taking full responsibilities and control over their lives. They are not doing their best and therefore, not realising their full potential.

These people tend to think people who are successful in their career and love life are simply luckier than them or they may be provided with things they don’t have or they are given more opportunities than them but they fail to realize they too, can create the life they want by making the decision to create “what it takes“.

If you are one of these people, you should immediately come up with your “life mission statement” (e.g. I will meet my soulmate / I will get my dream job / I will make my dreams come true), then think of “what it takes” to get there from where we want to be and then start creating and doing “what it takes” without waiting for things to happen. That’s how you can design and create your own destiny.

Personally I have heard many single friends who said  “I just have no luck with love” or “I want to have somebody but I’ll leave it up to fate.” and when I asked them further if they have been trying to get to know more people like joining some interest groups or getting referals from friends or making online friends, they said “No.”

I was once inspired by a book that says something like “You can’t meet someone on the way to your TV and refrigerator. You need to get yourself outside the house.” (The author was right, I took more effort in getting to know more people and make more new friends and that is how I met my husband.) I believe there is somebody for everybody, but these single souls may need to get yourself out there to meet more people to increase your chances of meeting your Mr/Ms Right.

As an HR Manager, I have also spoken to quite a few candidates who admit they have difficulties getting a job or even an interview. What did they do? They keep sending out the exact same resume and cover letter, while hoping to get a different result.

You  must be able to continuously come up with improvement ideas on what quality you need to have and what you need to do to make a difference in your lives if you want to live the life you want. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result. Being more creative and innovative helps. There was a saying; “The harder you try, the luckier you get.” When you strongly believe you can make a difference in your life and start to take the necessary action, YOU WILL.

If you are single and hope to meet that someone, then you need to put yourself out there to meet more people and work on improving your appearance, characters, communication and interpersonal skills and let that someone has the opportunities to meet you and be able to spot you out of all the people in this world.

If you are unemployed or stuck in the wrong job and hoping to find a better career opportunity, but you don’t seem to get it from sending out the same resume, then you will need to do something about it. For example, by renovating your resume with a new format, new photo, revise some wordings and treat your resume as your “personal brand presentation“to make your resume stands out from all other candidates. If you don’t have anything much to write about, you may also need to take up some personal and professional development courses to build up your personal portfolio.

“Successful people have successful habits that lead to successful outcome.”
Many unsuccessful people think successful people have it all because they are luckier and smarter people, not necessarily, they are just determined, committed and persistent people who are flexible and creative with their approach and willing to creat and do what it takes.

If you are not happy with where you are now, you need to do something different about it; may it be finding a different approach, working around the undesirable and uncontrollable factors as if everything depends on how YOU handle them. You will first need to find out what you are lack of without making any excuses, admit it and create what you need to change or improve on. Being committed to your life mission, but flexible with your approach, and one day you will get there where you always want to be.

Good Luck! (but don’t wait for your luck.)

Author: Natalie Guo
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Turning your customer service experience into a pleasant one

Have you ever encountered customer service officer who appears to be “doing the job” just to get through the day? Or to the extreme, the one who yells at their customers?

On the other hand, have you met any customer relations personnel who is exceptionally friendly, passionate about the job, and one who smiles most of the time?

What should we do to encourage, and to sustain the good behaviours? And, what should we do when we encounter the negative behaviours? (Be it from customer, or from customer service officer)

For a starter, I would recommend the following solutions:

  1. Start off with a smile
    (This is usually the fuel to boost up good Customer service behavior)
  2. Begin on the right foot by being polite / respectful
    bowing extreme
    (Ok, perhaps not to such extent, just be polite / respectful)
  3. Do not mirror the negative behaviour – Direct to the cheerful note

Below is my personal encounter with a customer service personnel who appeared to be agitated easily, with a passive unhappy facial expression:

Situation (1) – Went to a cafe, after ordering food (Step 1 and 2 checked):

Customer Service Personnel (CSP): $11.20

Me: Took $12 out from my wallet, and saw the amount $13.20 reflected on the cashier’s LED display, and I gave $14

CSP: I told you that it’s $11.20, why did you give me $14? (Slightly agitated facial expression, and slight elevation in pitch of tone)

Me: (Responded with a smile / slight laughter – Step 3) Oh! I thought that there was some changes, and I should be paying on what was reflected on the cashier?

CSP: No no, the machine is faulty today, and I am right. Ok? Just follow what I say and things will not go wrong. (This time, I noticed that the CS is smiling)

Having tried those 3 steps for a number of times, I am glad to say that it works for me most of the time! My dream for the future is to see Singapore becoming a society with excellent customer service and a place with wonderfully pleasant customers!

Author: Kendray Lau
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Hiring for Entrepreneurial Mindset, Recipe for Success

An entrepreneurial Mindset is like a “secret ingredient” in the “success recipe” for your life, careers and businesses.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of the X factors that contributes to great achievement of successful people, and yet it was not commonly mentioned in their success stories.

If you are an employer or HR practitioner, you may consider more consciously looking out for this quality in your candidates and employees as these people can do wonder for your company.

What is an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”?

Entrepreneurial Mindset is the ownership attitude that is inbuilt in vital people who take full ownership and responsibilities of situations that happen to them or even to people around them by being commited to do what it takes to make things happen. If something goes wrong, these people will be focusing on solving the problems rather than looking for someone or other external factors to blame on.

People with a entrepreneurial mindset are the ones who often come up with a lot of good ideas, effective solutions to problems, feasible action plans and continuous improvement projects.

Just imagine, if you have many high performing employees who care and treat your company like their own, you will have more people whom you can trust to help you run your business, and your business will be well taken care of even when you are away from the office. As a business owner, you can then afford to become a “pilot” flying with the auto-pilot mode on.


If you have managed to have some entrepreneurial minded employees, you are lucky. If not, it is also possible to train your employees to  exercise their entrepreneurial mindset.

For instance, if they are asking for your decision on something, you may encourage them to try to think from the perspective of a business owner, and let them propose the solution/decision to you with the reasons why.

Another way is to always train your employees’ way of thinking with the “why” when you teach them on how to do something or when you guide them on how to handle a situation. When they can understand your decision-making rationale, they will be able to apply your decision-making concept to a similar situation in the future.

Bear in mind that nowadays highly capable employees are not meant to be hired for their ability to strictly follow instruction, but they are meant to be hired for their deep expertise and ability to add value to your company and business.

Do tab on to your employees’ expertise and knowledge before imposing a new idea, assigning them a new project or offering them a solution to a problem, you never know sometimes your employees may have a better idea to share.

Author: Natalie Guo
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Attracting the right candidates

Meeting Mr/Ms Right is usually not an easy job for most people, the same goes to hiring Mr/Ms/Mrs Right for your company.

If you pay close attention to the details of your hiring process with some strategic planning and candidate evaluation process, it can significantly increase your chances in hiring the right person for your company.

The extra time and efforts spent in the hiring process for the right fit is much more efficient than spending it on trying to adjust or fix the wrong candidates to make them fit in their roles and your company’s work culture and in the end, your efforts will most likely go wasted.

In many companies, this is the usual steps of hiring process:

1) Post a job advertisement
2) Check candidates’cv and shortlist some candidates for an interview
3) Hire or keep on looking

How is your hiring process?

Personally, as I am an HR Manager who came from design studies background so I believe that the hiring process can be more creative than that. The recruitment process of today is no longer about having HRs selecting the candidates, the candidates nowadays are also selecting their potential employers too, especially good candidates, they have plenty of choices too.

For HR practitioners, we have to be very clear about “Why should they join us?” and ” What makes us stand out from other employers?” It means that the recruitment and interview process should not be just about “Why we should hire you?”but it should be about creating a positive experience for your candidates to remember your company and be enthusiastic to join in and excited to contribute to the success of your company.

Recruitment process can actually be integrated with marketing & branding process too, only with a different target group who are candidates instead of customers.

If your hiring goals are to attract quality candidates with good qualifications and high potentials to apply for a job at your company, you also have to be an attractive employer to attract these high-quality candidates. Get the right person to conduct an interview with your shortlisted candidates, as this person will be the representative for your company’s image as an employer.

In most interviews, I had attended in my life, people who interviewed me, were generally serious and tried to ask questions to check if I could be the right fit for their company in terms of skills, past experience, willingness to work hard/long hours and explain what I would be expected to do but hardly any HR I met tried to get to know me as a person.

Have you ever tried to understand a candidate as a person? By trying to understand their lifestyle, dreams, life goals, personal interest, hobbies, family background, their life philosophy, way of thinking, what they are looking for in a new career, what motivates them, you can better evaluate if you like them as a person and most likely if you do, you will like them as a team member too.

Author: Natalie Guo
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Managing Negativity to a positive outcome

productive negativity

Have you ever heard that “Negativity” is something that we cannot afford to have in our life, and we should always try to convert the negative energy to the positive one?

This similar message has been mentioned by many experts, written in many books.

Indeed! Negativity does somehow seem to be destructive, but there is always the other side of the coin!

I have personally encountered people who are extremely negative, and, helping them (short term) to work towards positivity does not change who they really are (their core behavior). Short term training and positive reinforcements do help changed their behavior, but only for a short period.


Such positivity training is akin to pushing a ball up to the top edge of the cone. Once released (short training completed), the ball will eventually find it’s way back to its origin.

Personally, I agree that positivity training is great, however, I believe that it will be more efficacious if it is to be combined with coaching/consultation/meetings to help the people with Negativity recognise their unique way of contribution through their Negativity.

Such is similar to “Taichi”, in which one does not simply go directly against the opposing force, but using your opponents’ strength against them. In this case, instead of “against them”, we can work with them and “lead” the force to a better use (collaboration).

In math, you will get a Positive when “Negative” is multiplied by “Negative”.

After all, is Negativity really that bad? Or is Negativity beneficial to people?

Negative people:

1) Over worry –
*They constantly worry about not being able to meet deadline/goals/etc… And having such “worry” often pushes them to take actions, taking more steps toward their goal.

2) Tends to whine / complain –
*A person who complains/whines, cares deeply, but felt that they do not have the power to change anything. (Sometimes, these concerns are really worth looking into, to deliver positive changes!)

3) Impatience –
*I once read a quote from a book:

Things comes to the person who waits, but only leftovers by those who hustled.

4) And so much more…

So, how to recognise the negative behaviors? How to work with people who are negative? And how to use the “Negativity” to everyone’s benefit?

In my next post, I will show some of the examples, and some characteristics of a negative person.

Author: Kendray Lau
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