Gaining Customer loyalty through Service Excellence

With challenges in hiring the suitable person for the job position, many companies are having difficulty sustaining their business due to the shortage of manpower. In such circumstance, what should a company do to improve its business? Or being a salesperson, what should you do to gain customer loyalty?

Being a customer myself, I am enjoying great customer service experiences at the food places near my workplace, as the:

  • Toastbox service crew would remember my usual drink order every time.
  • Subway Sandwich Artists would remember my usual breakfast order as well! (My usual choice of food, drinks, vegetables, etc…)subway-other-420

Just imagine, how nice it would be to walk into a cafe and your usual order is remembered. Won’t it make you feel good returning to this cafe even though there are similar cafes nearby? Such action itself is an extra mile service to the customers (By remembering their preferences)!

Apart from going the extra mile, a simple smile, a casual chat, or by getting to know more about the customer would make a huge difference! And all these applies to any Salesperson as well!


As customer, you too have the power to enhance your customer service experience with the techniques mentioned in my previous post: “Turning your customer service experience into a pleasant one” (Click on link to read)

During my overseas trip to Thailand, business owners of shops appear to be friendlier, and the quality of service provided is excellent. However, are we able to impart such passion and quality of service standard to the team members in the company? Yes we can!

To “impart” the passion to the team members, I would suggest the following:

  1. Aligning team members with company’s vision and mission –
    Involve them with the vision and belief of the company, and that they have a greater purpose in the things that they are doing. (E.g. Google’s vision statement: Organise all of the data in the world and make it accessible for everyone in a useful way)
  2. Show them the reward
    Gaining job satisfaction from customers’ appreciation.
    Gaining happiness through helping others (Especially when others reciprocate).
  3. Autonomy
    Allowing team members to make a certain decision even though the decision might be deviating from the usual “protocol”.

With all these steps, I believe that you will be able to build rapport and long-lasting relationship with the customers and team members, and gaining their support to your business!


  • Extra mile service
  • A smile to the customers
  • Casual chat with customers
  • Build relationship and rapport
  • Remembering their usual preferences

Author: Kendray Lau

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Creating your own destiny 

Young couple in love walking in the autumn park holding hands lo

Do you believe in Destiny?

Did you ever hear/say things like this?
“I am just not so lucky in love.”

“I want to have somebody but no one comes into my life.”

“I don’t like my job but I stick to it because it pays the bills.”

“I have been looking for my dream job, but luck is not on my side.”

Many people who believe in destiny may end up leaving their lives to destiny, fate or luck without taking full responsibilities and control over their lives. They are not doing their best and therefore, not realising their full potential.

These people tend to think people who are successful in their career and love life are simply luckier than them or they may be provided with things they don’t have or they are given more opportunities than them but they fail to realize they too, can create the life they want by making the decision to create “what it takes“.

If you are one of these people, you should immediately come up with your “life mission statement” (e.g. I will meet my soulmate / I will get my dream job / I will make my dreams come true), then think of “what it takes” to get there from where we want to be and then start creating and doing “what it takes” without waiting for things to happen. That’s how you can design and create your own destiny.

Personally I have heard many single friends who said  “I just have no luck with love” or “I want to have somebody but I’ll leave it up to fate.” and when I asked them further if they have been trying to get to know more people like joining some interest groups or getting referals from friends or making online friends, they said “No.”

I was once inspired by a book that says something like “You can’t meet someone on the way to your TV and refrigerator. You need to get yourself outside the house.” (The author was right, I took more effort in getting to know more people and make more new friends and that is how I met my husband.) I believe there is somebody for everybody, but these single souls may need to get yourself out there to meet more people to increase your chances of meeting your Mr/Ms Right.

As an HR Manager, I have also spoken to quite a few candidates who admit they have difficulties getting a job or even an interview. What did they do? They keep sending out the exact same resume and cover letter, while hoping to get a different result.

You  must be able to continuously come up with improvement ideas on what quality you need to have and what you need to do to make a difference in your lives if you want to live the life you want. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result. Being more creative and innovative helps. There was a saying; “The harder you try, the luckier you get.” When you strongly believe you can make a difference in your life and start to take the necessary action, YOU WILL.

If you are single and hope to meet that someone, then you need to put yourself out there to meet more people and work on improving your appearance, characters, communication and interpersonal skills and let that someone has the opportunities to meet you and be able to spot you out of all the people in this world.

If you are unemployed or stuck in the wrong job and hoping to find a better career opportunity, but you don’t seem to get it from sending out the same resume, then you will need to do something about it. For example, by renovating your resume with a new format, new photo, revise some wordings and treat your resume as your “personal brand presentation“to make your resume stands out from all other candidates. If you don’t have anything much to write about, you may also need to take up some personal and professional development courses to build up your personal portfolio.

“Successful people have successful habits that lead to successful outcome.”
Many unsuccessful people think successful people have it all because they are luckier and smarter people, not necessarily, they are just determined, committed and persistent people who are flexible and creative with their approach and willing to create and do what it takes.

If you are not happy with where you are now, you need to do something different about it; may it be finding a different approach, working around the undesirable and uncontrollable factors as if everything depends on how YOU handle them. You will first need to find out what you are lack of without making any excuses, admit it and create what you need to change or improve on. Being committed to your life mission, but flexible with your approach, and one day you will get there where you always want to be.

Good Luck! (but don’t wait for your luck.)

Author: Natalie Guo,WisePolyglot

If you need a life/career/mindset coach, check out this link:


Turning your customer service experience into a pleasant one

Have you ever encountered customer service officer who appears to be “doing the job” just to get through the day? Or to the extreme, the one who yells at their customers?

On the other hand, have you met any customer relations personnel who is exceptionally friendly, passionate about the job, and one who smiles most of the time?

What should we do to encourage, and to sustain the good behaviours? And, what should we do when we encounter the negative behaviours? (Be it from customer, or from customer service officer)

For a starter, I would recommend the following solutions:

  1. Start off with a smile
    (This is usually the fuel to boost up good Customer service behavior)
  2. Begin on the right foot by being polite / respectful
    bowing extreme
    (Ok, perhaps not to such extent, just be polite / respectful)
  3. Do not mirror the negative behaviour – Direct to the cheerful note

Below is my personal encounter with a customer service personnel who appeared to be agitated easily, with a passive unhappy facial expression:

Situation (1) – Went to a cafe, after ordering food (Step 1 and 2 checked):

Customer Service Personnel (CSP): $11.20

Me: Took $12 out from my wallet, and saw the amount $13.20 reflected on the cashier’s LED display, and I gave $14

CSP: I told you that it’s $11.20, why did you give me $14? (Slightly agitated facial expression, and slight elevation in pitch of tone)

Me: (Responded with a smile / slight laughter – Step 3) Oh! I thought that there was some changes, and I should be paying on what was reflected on the cashier?

CSP: No no, the machine is faulty today, and I am right. Ok? Just follow what I say and things will not go wrong. (This time, I noticed that the CS is smiling)

Having tried those 3 steps for a number of times, I am glad to say that it works for me most of the time! My dream for the future is to see Singapore becoming a society with excellent customer service and a place with wonderfully pleasant customers!

Author: Kendray Lau
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Hiring for Entrepreneurial Mindset, Recipe for Success

An entrepreneurial Mindset is like a “secret ingredient” in the “success recipe” for your life, careers and businesses.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of the X factors that contributes to great achievement of successful people, and yet it was not commonly mentioned in their success stories.

If you are an employer or HR practitioner, you may consider more consciously looking out for this quality in your candidates and employees as these people can do wonder for your company.

What is an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”?

Entrepreneurial Mindset is the ownership attitude that is inbuilt in vital people who take full ownership and responsibilities of situations that happen to them or even to people around them by being commited to do what it takes to make things happen. If something goes wrong, these people will be focusing on solving the problems rather than looking for someone or other external factors to blame on.

People with a entrepreneurial mindset are the ones who often come up with a lot of good ideas, effective solutions to problems, feasible action plans and continuous improvement projects.

Just imagine, if you have many high performing employees who care and treat your company like their own, you will have more people whom you can trust to help you run your business, and your business will be well taken care of even when you are away from the office. As a business owner, you can then afford to become a “pilot” flying with the auto-pilot mode on.


If you have managed to have some entrepreneurial minded employees, you are lucky. If not, it is also possible to train your employees to  exercise their entrepreneurial mindset.

For instance, if they are asking for your decision on something, you may encourage them to try to think from the perspective of a business owner, and let them propose the solution/decision to you with the reasons why.

Another way is to always train your employees’ way of thinking with the “why” when you teach them on how to do something or when you guide them on how to handle a situation. When they can understand your decision-making rationale, they will be able to apply your decision-making concept to a similar situation in the future.

Bear in mind that nowadays highly capable employees are not meant to be hired for their ability to strictly follow instruction, but they are meant to be hired for their deep expertise and ability to add value to your company and business.

Do tab on to your employees’ expertise and knowledge before imposing a new idea, assigning them a new project or offering them a solution to a problem, you never know sometimes your employees may have a better idea to share.

Author: Natalie Guo
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