If you believe you can, you can!

Has anyone ever said something like this to you?

“You won’t be able to do that”
“You just can’t do it.”
“You are not cut out for it”
“It won’t work.”
“Stop dreaming.”
“That’s impossible. Give it up!”
“Nobody did it that way before and no one will believe in it”

It’s time to prove they are wrong. Negative comments can either make you feel like giving up or pushing you harder to realise your full potentials and acheive your dreams and goals. If the people you are talking to, have never seen that side of you before, never see anyone did it and never did anything like that themselves, it makes sense that they won’t believe in it, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop whatever your dreams are, and live in the reality just like everybody else and stay average.

If you have positive dreams, goals and vision, why do you need to be just like everybody else? Go and make it happens. We won’t be able to influence the world, just by being like one of them.
My English teacher in Thailand firmly told me once “If you don’t continue your private English lessons with me, you will forget everything.” I believe I have proved her wrong. From that day onwards, I made a decision that I wouldn’t forget anything and started doing all I could to make sure I could learn English by myself and look at me now, here I am working in Singapore and also doing training and coaching people to learn Thai by themselves in Singapore, in English.
When I first shared what I set out to do is one day per level Thai language workshops, then again lots of people told me “It won’t be possible to learn Thai in day.” So, I started doing all I could to prepare for my first workshop’s keynote presentation and training materials to make it possible to learn Thai language roadmap in a day. Until now, I still make sure I keep in touch with my students daily to guide and coach them to make sure they get the most out of my one day per level Thai language workshops and their learning won’t stop there.
9th June 2018 was when I first launched my first innovative Thai language workshop in Singapore (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_txib0t5dYc) that I set out to share with Thai language learners how to learn Thai effectively and proactively by themselves with my provided training materials, tips, tools and learning techniques.
Now comes December 2018, I have conducted 7 Thai language workshops in total, and have trained and coached over 60 people (many of which repeated the workshops for higher levels).
When people tell me “It’s impossible” or “You can’t do it”, the inner voice in me, would say “Yes, I can”.
Check out what I have done in half a year and what my workshop participants said about my innovative one day per level Thai language workshops what many people thought it was impossible.

Whatever you dreams are you can make them comes true too because if you believe you can, you can.

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Self-improvement project – a change for the better

How comfortable are you with the word “change”?
All of us have some sort of long built habits that have become our characters and attitude and that explains why most of us tend to live life on an”autopilot” mode. We choose to eat certain food more often that another, we hang out at the regular places, we meet up with only a few close friends as well as we may even use the same thinking to solve the problems we encounter in life too.

Would you want to have a routine life or a progressive life?
Routine things are more predictable and usually become a comfort zone that keeps people to stay inside. It is fine if you are truely happy with your usual routine choices and especially your routine-self. But if you ever think that you can still be a better person than who you are now to attract better things into your life and live the life you dream of, changes for the better are necessary and it must start from the willingness to change from within.


Internal Change – Improvement from the inside out
To be able to have a better external outcome, you will need to change the internal input and even adjust the way you think if that is what caused the problems in the first place. Remember, you can’t solve the same problems with the same thinking.

For example, if you have failed relationships, think about what could have been the internal issues behind it or any part of your attitude or behaviour that might have limited you to be the right person for that special someone. When you know what went wrong behind the past issues in your life, look into how you can improve from there and prevent the similar problems in the future.

You can also improve yourself internally by choosing what input you feed into your mind like gaining new perspective from reading more about personal development articles, learning from more positive and wise friends or getting yourself a life coach if you think you need a professional help.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes BIG difference” – Winston Churchill

External Change – Improvement from the outside in
It has been said that we should not judge people from the outside but most of the times, we are judged by the outside. Most of the time, people can’t help it either as none of us is capable enough to immediately see what is on the inside of other people. Think about when you go for a job interview, go on your first date, meet a new friend at a party, have a meeting with your first time customer, wouldn’t the first impression counts?

How you look, sound and the way you make people feel has a lot of impact on how others think of you and whether or not you are the right person for them, may it be as friends, colleagues, employers, customers or a life partner.

Look at yourself in the mirror, listen to your own tone of voice, accent and pronunciation, observe yourself how you interact with other people, watch your manner towards others and pay attention to the word choice you use when you communicate with others.

The way you make people feel effects how they think of you and therefore, how they will treat you, and the way people treat you effects how you feel and it shows in the way you carry yourself.

When you feel you are well-liked or accepted by others and able to build quality relationships with people around you, it boosts your confidence level and self-esteem internally and therefore, how you carry yourself externally.

One thing to keep in mind, working on self-improvement doesn’t mean you have to try to be the perfect person (nobody is anyway) or change to be someone you are not, but it means to work around being the best you and doing your best with whatever you have from the inside and the outside. There is no harm in trying to be the best version of yourself, you can possibly be, reaching out for your full potential and live the life you dream of.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill

Author: Natalie Guo
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Be the right person for the life you dream of

Most of us often spend our time and effort looking for what is right for us, may it be the right career, right business or life opportunities, right people and all the way to Mr/Ms Right too. How many of us actually spend our time and effort thinking how we can become the right person to attract the right people and the right opportunities into our life.

Before you read on, let’s spend a few minutes of your time to think about what you really want to have in your life, what kind of life you want to live in and what kind of person you would like to become. Are you on the right track to create the life you dream of? If not, you will need to do something differently about it.

You can’t do the same thing and expect a different result.

Here are some exercises to be the right person for the life you dream of:

1) Self Awareness – knowing the past you and the present you and plan to become the future you

Think about your childhood, education background, work & life experiences and what leads you to who you are today and how satisfied are you with yourself? How would you describe your own characters, attitude, personality, communication skills, strength and weaknesses ? You may write it down on a piece of paper for a clearer picture of yourself. Only when you understand yourself well, you will know how to move on from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

2) Self Evaluation – understanding yourself from others’ perspective

If you were to evaluate and grade yourself based on your own understanding and others’ feedback about your characters, attitude, appearance, speech, communication skills, interpersonal skills, performance at work and etc. Be honest with yourself and see how well you will score. If you can choose to change or improve anything about yourself, what will that be? When you know which area that your need some work on, only then you know what action will it take to be the right person to attract the right opportunities in life and live the life you dream of.

3) Self Improvement – willingness to change for the better

When you know what area you need some work on, then let’s start the self-improvement project planning. Write down a list of things you will need to be better at to live your dream.

For instance, if you have been looking for the right job for a while and have been sending out the same resume but not getting much result from it. Look at it from an HR perspective, ask yourself “Will my resume stands out from other candidates?”, if not, how can you adjust the font, design, format, resume photo, wordings and add your portfolio or Linkedin Profile link on the resume to make it more attractive and be able to represent you better
Let’s start your self-improvement plan right now:

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill


Author: Natalie Guo
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Be a positive influencer for a positive team culture


All of us are more influential than we think we are. In whatever we say or do, it leaves an impact on the people around us and the environment we live in, may it be in a positive or negative way.

When it comes to “wind of negativity”, would you choose to be a “fan” or an “air purifier”? Are you aware that you have a choice to be an “air purifier” or a “fan” ? An air purifier filters out the polluted air and released out better quality air, while a fan just blows the same air back to the surrounding environment.

Why is it important to be a positive influencer at work?
If a positive team culture is what you want to be part of, you need to believe that it starts with YOU and if everybody thinks like you or influenced by you, the reality of having a positive team culture can be easily achieved.
Here are the 10 ways to be a positive influencer at work.

1) Start with a grateful attitude

As you can’t really have a bad day with a good attitude, start your day by being grateful and thankful for what you have and making an active decision to make it another good day. Express your thankful appreciation to anyone you meet who does anything nice or kind to you or help you in anything at all.

2) Spread your positive energy
Bear in mind that any feelings and comments you expressed to others, it will somehow affect the listeners’ mood and way of thinking. If you were to spread something, why not spread your happiness and optimism. Happiness is contagious. Have you ever had a conversation with a happy and energetic person, did you feel that you become happier afterwards too?

3) A smiley face is better than a grumpy face
Smile to those around you and even yourself too. When you are stressed, try smiling and you will immediately feel better about any challenges that you are facing. Being in a grumpy mood and carrying a grumpy face doesn’t solve problems and it won’t make anyone you meet feel any happier. People with positive attributes carry a positive charisma that lead them to have more positive relationships in their personal and work life.

4) Practice good manners
Always say “Please…”, and “Thank You”. Good manners are a key to better relationship, and this should not only be practiced at the workplace, it should apply to wherever you go.

5) Be kind to everyone
Hold the belief that deep down everyone is kind and if you are kind to everyone around you, you will be able to experience the kinder side of other people too. Kindness usually works like a magnet and that explains why kind people have more friends.

6) Be a “positive politician” or not at all
To have a positive team, everyone should focus their energy on solving any problems together and avoid creating office politics and gossiping. Complaining about the problems around the office or criticising coworkers’ flaws will not solve any problems. The intended purpose of the communication determines whether a negative comment is a constructive feedback or simply words of political criticism. If the intention is to address the issues to solve the problem together then it is a constructive feedback but if it is just about venting out on the negative emotion behind someone’s back, then it is office politics / gossiping.
If you can’t beat them, then join them as a “Positive Politician” by saying positive things from a more understanding perspective of the situation or the person being mentioned, and lead them back to a more meaningful objective by asking “How can we solve this issue together?”.

7) Always do your best
People will respect and appreciate you if they can feel that you are doing your best for everyone. The only way to be happy at work is to love what you do. The only way to love what you do is to do your best. When you do your best, you will be able to do a great job. When you are able to do a great job, you will love what you do as it gives you a high sense of job satisfaction and accomplishment and when you love what you do, you will be happy at work.

8) Be honest and diplomatic
Most of the problems occur when people do not communicate with each other enough and what worse is when they actually do have an unspoken expectation on each other. Open and honest communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Being honest is good but being diplomatic could be even better but make sure you are truthful and clear about the message you want to get it across and be sensitive on how you deliver it. You are responsible to how the other party will feel, especially when handling negative or sensitive matters, be mindful about your word choice.

9) Be considerate and thoughtful
Most of the times, what we give out is what we get. Be considerate and thoughtful in anything we do, the do’s and don’ts list that we want or don’t want others to do, we should be practicing the same thing too.

10) Be respectful
Everyone deserves respect as a person, regardless of their age, occupation, position, seniority, nationality, and race. If you talk to an office cleaner, a junior colleague, a subordinate with no respect, you won’t get any respect from them too. Respect is something you earn by giving it away.

happy work happy life

Happiness is the in the mind of the beholder.
A positive mind will lead you to a positive life.

Author: Natalie Guo
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Bringing out the BEST in YOU 

We always love to upgrade our tech gadgets to enjoy the best version available, but what about ourselves? Do we always continuously upgrade ourselves to be the best version we possibly can be?

All of us were born with the ability to learn things and potential to succeed in life but not all of us are making full use of it.

Many of us are better at being a critic of things around us. We seem to have a lot of ideas on how our colleagues or supervisors at work should treat the team members better for a more collaborative teamwork and how service crews at a restaurant should have more of service mindset for our better service experience as a customer.

Do we think about the ideas on how to improve ourselves often enough as we do towards others?

In any organisation, people admire, respect and value team members who can make a difference with their innovative ideas, contribution, performance and even just their positive presence. While some people with self-limiting belief are not ambitious nor motivated enough to think they can be one of these “star performers” too.

In fact, being a high performer has nothing to do with competing with others and you do not need to have years of experience or know everything before attempting to be one, instead, it is all about continuously challenging yourself to become the best version of yourself. When you can truly believe in “your product”, the world will believe in it too.

Here are some self-development tips and quotes to bring out the best in YOU;

# Aim high and get there!
Set high-expectation for yourself and work your way toward it.
Don’t settle for being a mediocre. You have a lot more potential than that.

Make the best out of any given situation and create the opportunities that lead you to your ultimate goals in life.

The quality of your goals determine how well you deliver the results.

# Take everything as a learning opportunity.

Learn everything that comes in your way. You can be a little more selective later on when you have tried enough to know where your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you believe everything has something to learn from, you will be more willing to learn new things and step up to face new challenges in life.

# Do your best in everything you do

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Do your best until you know a better way to do it, then do it better.

Think of “improvement” in everything you do.

To improve is too change, to be perfect is to change often.

Practice makes perfect.

# Step out of your comfort zone.

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are now.

“I can’t do that because… “, “I am not good at this” and ” It has always been done this way.” should be rare phrases in your dictionary.

Your desire for success must be greater than fear of failure.

# Take initiative.
Ask yourself, would you rather work with an automatic machine or a manual machine? The same idea goes to people. We all do enjoy working with people who are “automatic”. If you always need to be told what to do, you are a “manual machine” and it is time for your product revolution.

# Be resourceful
Find out things you do not know or unsure of. Never say “I don’t know how to…”, instead say, “I don’t know yet but I will find out.” My simplest advice is Google.

When you ask the right questions, you will get more of the right answers.

Expand your network and tab on other people’s expertise and knowledge in the area you are not yet familiar with.

Be an attentive listener, observant and learn from other people’s experience. You don’t need to experience everything yourself, other people’s success and failure stories both have something to learn from.

# Help others to succeed

As one teaches, two learn.

Author: Natalie Guo
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Creating your own destiny 

Young couple in love walking in the autumn park holding hands lo

Do you believe in Destiny?

Did you ever hear/say things like this?
“I am just not so lucky in love.”

“I want to have somebody but no one comes into my life.”

“I don’t like my job but I stick to it because it pays the bills.”

“I have been looking for my dream job, but luck is not on my side.”

Many people who believe in destiny may end up leaving their lives to destiny, fate or luck without taking full responsibilities and control over their lives. They are not doing their best and therefore, not realising their full potential.

These people tend to think people who are successful in their career and love life are simply luckier than them or they may be provided with things they don’t have or they are given more opportunities than them but they fail to realize they too, can create the life they want by making the decision to create “what it takes“.

If you are one of these people, you should immediately come up with your “life mission statement” (e.g. I will meet my soulmate / I will get my dream job / I will make my dreams come true), then think of “what it takes” to get there from where we want to be and then start creating and doing “what it takes” without waiting for things to happen. That’s how you can design and create your own destiny.

Personally I have heard many single friends who said  “I just have no luck with love” or “I want to have somebody but I’ll leave it up to fate.” and when I asked them further if they have been trying to get to know more people like joining some interest groups or getting referals from friends or making online friends, they said “No.”

I was once inspired by a book that says something like “You can’t meet someone on the way to your TV and refrigerator. You need to get yourself outside the house.” (The author was right, I took more effort in getting to know more people and make more new friends and that is how I met my husband.) I believe there is somebody for everybody, but these single souls may need to get yourself out there to meet more people to increase your chances of meeting your Mr/Ms Right.

As an HR Manager, I have also spoken to quite a few candidates who admit they have difficulties getting a job or even an interview. What did they do? They keep sending out the exact same resume and cover letter, while hoping to get a different result.

You  must be able to continuously come up with improvement ideas on what quality you need to have and what you need to do to make a difference in your lives if you want to live the life you want. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result. Being more creative and innovative helps. There was a saying; “The harder you try, the luckier you get.” When you strongly believe you can make a difference in your life and start to take the necessary action, YOU WILL.

If you are single and hope to meet that someone, then you need to put yourself out there to meet more people and work on improving your appearance, characters, communication and interpersonal skills and let that someone has the opportunities to meet you and be able to spot you out of all the people in this world.

If you are unemployed or stuck in the wrong job and hoping to find a better career opportunity, but you don’t seem to get it from sending out the same resume, then you will need to do something about it. For example, by renovating your resume with a new format, new photo, revise some wordings and treat your resume as your “personal brand presentation“to make your resume stands out from all other candidates. If you don’t have anything much to write about, you may also need to take up some personal and professional development courses to build up your personal portfolio.

“Successful people have successful habits that lead to successful outcome.”
Many unsuccessful people think successful people have it all because they are luckier and smarter people, not necessarily, they are just determined, committed and persistent people who are flexible and creative with their approach and willing to create and do what it takes.

If you are not happy with where you are now, you need to do something different about it; may it be finding a different approach, working around the undesirable and uncontrollable factors as if everything depends on how YOU handle them. You will first need to find out what you are lack of without making any excuses, admit it and create what you need to change or improve on. Being committed to your life mission, but flexible with your approach, and one day you will get there where you always want to be.

Good Luck! (but don’t wait for your luck.)

Author: Natalie Guo
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Hiring for Entrepreneurial Mindset, Recipe for Success

An entrepreneurial Mindset is like a “secret ingredient” in the “success recipe” for your life, careers and businesses.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of the X factors that contributes to great achievement of successful people, and yet it was not commonly mentioned in their success stories.

If you are an employer or HR practitioner, you may consider more consciously looking out for this quality in your candidates and employees as these people can do wonder for your company.

What is an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”?

Entrepreneurial Mindset is the ownership attitude that is inbuilt in vital people who take full ownership and responsibilities of situations that happen to them or even to people around them by being commited to do what it takes to make things happen. If something goes wrong, these people will be focusing on solving the problems rather than looking for someone or other external factors to blame on.

People with a entrepreneurial mindset are the ones who often come up with a lot of good ideas, effective solutions to problems, feasible action plans and continuous improvement projects.

Just imagine, if you have many high performing employees who care and treat your company like their own, you will have more people whom you can trust to help you run your business, and your business will be well taken care of even when you are away from the office. As a business owner, you can then afford to become a “pilot” flying with the auto-pilot mode on.


If you have managed to have some entrepreneurial minded employees, you are lucky. If not, it is also possible to train your employees to  exercise their entrepreneurial mindset.

For instance, if they are asking for your decision on something, you may encourage them to try to think from the perspective of a business owner, and let them propose the solution/decision to you with the reasons why.

Another way is to always train your employees’ way of thinking with the “why” when you teach them on how to do something or when you guide them on how to handle a situation. When they can understand your decision-making rationale, they will be able to apply your decision-making concept to a similar situation in the future.

Bear in mind that nowadays highly capable employees are not meant to be hired for their ability to strictly follow instruction, but they are meant to be hired for their deep expertise and ability to add value to your company and business.

Do tab on to your employees’ expertise and knowledge before imposing a new idea, assigning them a new project or offering them a solution to a problem, you never know sometimes your employees may have a better idea to share.

Author: Natalie Guo
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