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wisepolyglot blog

With the belief that we can make a positive difference to people around us and the society we live in, we started this WisePolyglot blog to share the career and life coaching insights that we have learned from our own personal and work life in the form of personal development tips.

We believe that if everyone is focusing on personal development, everyone can be the best version of themselves and there will be less of unpleasant service experience, lesser problematic and difficult people that we have to face and deal with in our daily lives and there shall be more pleasant, considerate and sensible people around us. 

Working toward building a more positive mindset and effective communication skills, will enable us to have a better relationship with people around us and therefore, live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

It has been said that we can’t change everybody and won’t be able to please everybody but we can always start from trying to be more understanding and choose how we response to what life gives us. If we can adjust our way of thinking to see things from a more productive perspective and try to improve the way we communicate, we will become a more considerate, sensible and wise person.

It is true that nobody is perfect but we all are definitely capable of working towards being a better-self and by trying to be a better-self, it means that we will need to continuously look out for rooms for improvements in ourselves, how we do things and how we communicate with people around us. If everyone of us is willing to work on our personal development, we all can make this world a better place to live in.



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