Life Entrepreneurship – Taking full ownership of your life

Have you ever met anyone who said “I can’t do this because… (external factors)…” or “I have many problems in my life, because … (external factors)…?

I have met many people like that in my life and feel the compelling need to write this article to share with people who feel that way about what I have been practicing in my own personal life. I refer to this concept/philosophy as ” Life Entrepreneurship” on how to solve your life’s problems by taking full ownership of your life.

If you are willing to think that everything that happens to you happens because of you or at least has something to do with you, you will be able to take full responsiblity to change the situation you are in.

If you can do that, most of the problems in your life will get solved. I have been practicing life entrepreneurship myself and I see amazing results in my life and that’s why I am here to share with you about #LifeEntreprenueurship.

Imagine your life as a “company” that you have full ownership of it. As a company/business owner, you must do whatever it takes to make your business a success and everyone in your “company” and “clients” matters to your business’ success.

Your role as a “life business owner” is not to just impress or please your clients but also to be able to motivate your employees by maintianing good relationship with them.

If there are any problems in any “departments” of your life, you will do your best to investigate them to find out the root cause, to understand them, to solve them and to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

If you view your “life company” from an employee’s perspectives, you may think someone else should solve the problems, especially if the problems isn’t within your job scope nor department.

The truth is, in our own life, we are not only responsible for our lives, but those around us as well.

If your boss, colleagues, friends, and family members are not treating you well, do you think it is their problems alone?

If you have been living life of a mediocre with unfulfilled wish and dreams, who should be responsible for it?

If you are single because you always have difficulty finding/maintaining meaningful relationships with anyone, is it really because of you are just unlucky in love?

Do you listen to your life’s employee and customers’ feedback or just ignore them?

Do you have a proper life management plan and strategies to live a successful and fulfilling life or just leave everything to fate?

If you aren’t getting the results you want in your life, will you be open to adjusting your approach?

If you need a life consultant and coach to help you figure it out together and come up with a better life business plan and strategies, PM to me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Author and Coach: Natalie Guo

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How to achieve more in life!

What I learned from attending National Achievers Congress 2019 on 16 May 2019, Singapore

What I learned from #GaryVee:

Be genuine and authentic.

Share your content to the world daily.

We all have important message to share with the world to benefit other people.

Give selflessly.

Why some businesses are not successful?
Because they are selfish.

Focus on adding value on people’s life

If you want to do something, start now.

Goals and plans are nothing without action.

You don’t need to care what everyone thinks, it matters what you think.

Love yourself – don’t judge yourself, don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong but do listen to some constructive feedback.

Be your best self!

If some people don’t believe in you, but you believe in yourself, go look for people who believe in you and work with these people

To grow your business, you need a team (Gary Vee has a team for content posting and video production)

Be authentic with integrity and good intention to help people and no agenda.

People like people who have no agenda.

It’s ok to be direct, if you mean well, and you are saying it for their sake as some people really need a wake up call.

Treat your children like children, not product, their grades do not reflect your personal success, don’t pressure them

What I learned from #GrantCardone:

Opportunities come from people, get out there and talk to strangers

Strangers have everything you want.

A penny saved is still penny, not a penny earned.

You need a team to grow your business.

Most one man show businesses don’t grow (64% of businesses in US is at the breakeven or lower, 67% of these businesses have no employee)

Outsourcing will help you save time and tab on to experty of others.

Engage/hire people who can do the thing better than you.

Myth: Do what you love!
Don’t just do only what you love.
Do you what you don’t like to live the life you want to live!

Teach your kids to talk to strangers and concept of making money, how to get the things they want, not just the concept of saving money and keep telling them to be careful!

Don’t take no for an answer, he called his wife 26 times in 6 months, before she was willing to date him.

You need a good partner.
(He said his wife is accountable for 99.99% of his success.)

Entrepreneurs are people who invest and risk their time and money to have more time and money to live the life they want.

Ecomonics is the management of your household.

You can’t be successful by being happy and broke.

Face your numbers and settle your financial issues.

Money is not king, cashflow is.

Don’t love your money and just keep it, make your money make babies for you!

Money makes more money when it moves.

Most people invest money in their home more than they do in their businesses.

Invest time, effort and money in growing your money!

All leads are good leads, there are no bad leads.
If they don’t close with you, they will probably close with someone else.

You sell at their emotions.
You close (deals) at their logics.

Think BIG and take massive action

“Don’t set high expectation or you will be disappointed.”
No, you will be disappointed if you
don’t set high expectation and you waste your time of 80 years living a life of a mediocre.

What I learned from Peng Joon:

When you want to do something, you must go “all in” to be successful and be able to make a difference to your life and others.

He googled ” how to make money online”and started from there by writing his first e-book and one thing leads to another.

When we want an answer for something, look it up in Google!

What I learned from #SandyJadeja:

You can create your own economy (trading).

News and media aren’t always telling us the truth.

Traders make money from short terms investment, from up and down turn.

Value investors makes money on long term investment in the companies they see the potentials in.

Be preapared for upcoming economic recession.

To learn more about trading and investment.

Teach your kids :
Communication skills
Negotiation skills
People skills
Money management skills

Learning Notes written by Natalie Guo

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