Power of Compliments

Sometimes we have some positive feelings about someone’s actions or gestures towards us but we may think it’s too small to mention or the person may have already heard it before or know it. You think it’s not important to state the obvious or feeling too shy to elaborate about it and perhaps just a simple “Thank you.” is good enough.

You may not know that by saying positive remarks and especially with more specific details in your compliments about what you are happy with or what the person did well is called “#PositiveReinforcement” and when people know exactly what they did well or being admired for, they tend to do more of it.

They could continue to do more nice things not only to the person who give them positive remarks or specific compliments but also anybody around them because it gives them the “feel good factor” to continue to do more of the good things for others and that’s how we can simply contribute in making this world a more pleasant place to live in.

It’s new year 2019!
New year is a good start for building new positive habits. e.g. #ComplainLess and #ComplimentMore with more specific details of what you are thankful for or appreciative of!

Author: Natalie Guo, WisePolyglot

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Email: coaching@wisepolyglot.com

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