It doesn’t matters what other people think, it matters what you think.

Has anyone ever said something like this to you?

“You won’t be able to do that”
“You just can’t do it.”
“You are not cut out for it”
“It won’t work.”
“Stop dreaming.”
“That’s impossible. Give it up!”
“Nobody did it that way before and no one will believe in it”

It’s time to prove they are wrong. Negative comments can either make you feel like giving up or pushing you harder to realise your full potentials and acheive your dreams and goals. If the people you are talking to, have never seen that side of you before, never see anyone did it and never did anything like that themselves, it makes sense that they won’t believe in it, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop whatever your dreams are, and live in the reality just like everybody else and stay average.
If you have positive dreams, goals and vision, why do you need to be just like everybody else? Go and make it happens. We won’t be able to influence the world, just by being like one of them.
My English teacher in Thailand firmly told me once “If you don’t continue your private English lessons with me, you will forget everything.” I believe I have proved her wrong. From that day onwards, I made a decision that I wouldn’t forget anything and started doing all I could to make sure I could learn English by myself and look at me now, here I am working in Singapore and also doing training and coaching people to learn Thai by themselves in Singapore, in English.
When I first shared what I set out to do is one day per level Thai language workshops, then again lots of people told me “It won’t be possible to learn Thai in day.” So, I started doing all I could to prepare for my first workshop’s keynote presentation and training materials to make it possible to learn Thai language roadmap in a day. Until now, I still make sure I keep in touch with my students daily to guide and coach them to make sure they get the most out of my one day per level Thai language workshops and their learning won’t stop there.
9th June 2018 was when I first launched my first innovative Thai language workshop in Singapore ( that I set out to share with Thai language learners how to learn Thai effectively and proactively by themselves with my provided training materials, tips, tools and learning techniques.
Now comes December 2018, I have conducted 7 Thai language workshops in total, and have trained and coached over 60 people (many of which repeated the workshops for higher levels).
When people tell me “It’s impossible” or “You can’t do it”, the inner voice in me, would say “Yes, I can”.
Check out what I have done in half a year and what my workshop participants said about my innovative one day per level Thai language workshops what many people thought it was impossible.

If you believe you can, you can!

What I do:

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Whatever you dreams are you can make them comes true too because if you believe you can, you can.

Author: NatalieGuo (Khun Kruu Noot)

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