Turning your customer service experience into a pleasant one

Have you ever encountered customer service officer who appears to be “doing the job” just to get through the day? Or to the extreme, the one who yells at their customers?

On the other hand, have you met any customer relations personnel who is exceptionally friendly, passionate about the job, and one who smiles most of the time?

What should we do to encourage, and to sustain the good behaviours? And, what should we do when we encounter the negative behaviours? (Be it from customer, or from customer service officer)

For a starter, I would recommend the following solutions:

  1. Start off with a smile
    (This is usually the fuel to boost up good Customer service behavior)
  2. Begin on the right foot by being polite / respectful
    bowing extreme
    (Ok, perhaps not to such extent, just be polite / respectful)
  3. Do not mirror the negative behaviour – Direct to the cheerful note

Below is my personal encounter with a customer service personnel who appeared to be agitated easily, with a passive unhappy facial expression:

Situation (1) – Went to a cafe, after ordering food (Step 1 and 2 checked):

Customer Service Personnel (CSP): $11.20

Me: Took $12 out from my wallet, and saw the amount $13.20 reflected on the cashier’s LED display, and I gave $14

CSP: I told you that it’s $11.20, why did you give me $14? (Slightly agitated facial expression, and slight elevation in pitch of tone)

Me: (Responded with a smile / slight laughter – Step 3) Oh! I thought that there was some changes, and I should be paying on what was reflected on the cashier?

CSP: No no, the machine is faulty today, and I am right. Ok? Just follow what I say and things will not go wrong. (This time, I noticed that the CS is smiling)

Having tried those 3 steps for a number of times, I am glad to say that it works for me most of the time! My dream for the future is to see Singapore becoming a society with excellent customer service and a place with wonderfully pleasant customers!

Author: Kendray Lau
About WisePolyglot

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